Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hi guys! My favorite thing about creating art is there's no right or wrong way to do it! One of my favorite ways to make art is collage. Collage allows me to use watercolors, construction paper, and an x-acto knife or scissors
The word Collage derives from the french word 'colle' which means glue.

Today I will make a picture about a little girl, but she's no ordinary girl. She's a Chupacabra. Her name is Abra. Abra loves the rain, but her mom does not want her to catch a cold, so I decide that she should have a rain coat, hat, and galoshes.
First i make a pencil sketch, I call this part of the process 'brainstorming' When I'm happy with the sketch I redraw the picture on a piece of paper that's especially made for watercolors. I then draw the picture in a fine black pen. When i am happy with the final drawing I start to had watercolor, then I use a colored pencil to add more detail. Next i take a piece of tracing paper, and I trace over the parts that i want to use construction paper on. I choose yellow. When I have finished tracing the picture, I transfer it to the construction paper. I then cut out the rainsuit with an x-acto knife and glue it on to Abra. When the rainsuit is on, I cut Abra out of the watercolor paper. Some people see this as similar to the process of making paper dolls. Now that Abra is free from the confines of her paper I am free to place Abra on anything I choose. I decide on a nice piece of aqua-colored paper. When i am happy with where she is on the paper, I add some finishing touches. Now I am done!

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